Something wicked delicious this way comes
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12 Bottle Bar, a site dedicated to classic cocktails for the home bartender, have transformed themselves in the run up to Halloween. Now they are... 13 Bottle Bar: Blood, Booze and Beyond, in which they review classic horror and post terrifying cocktails inspired by it.

Want to know how to make green slime? coconut spirit and psyllium husks (oh fine, and food colouring).
Prefer something more classically elegant? Try The Vampire, a variation on a martini.
And of couse, many more from their archive

Wait, what's that sound? It’s dead people… SCREAMIN’!
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This knowledge would go great with hosting a Halloween party.
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The metaphorical "13th" bottle in my bar would be the dusty mason jar I bought a long time in Eastern Tennessee now half-full of moonshine.

It'll turn anyone into a zombie faster and more convincingly than any these ladies' drinks. Indeed, the next day you will feel like terrified townspeople had spent the night hitting you in the head with a shovel.

And yes, it is wicked delicious.
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None of those 12 bottles is bourbon. There's something wrong with that.
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Where the hell do you get Psyllium husks powder? The Toxicolada must be made!

(I was gonna ask if you could improvise with cornstarch, but probably not, huh?)
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A zombie walks into a bar and orders a zombie. A witch walks into a bar and orders a salem witch. A pumpkin walks into a bar and orders a pumpkin martini.
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No bourbon? No scotch? No like.
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Thought the 12 bottles were weird too.
Absinthe but no vodka?
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katemonkey: Metamucil
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An explanation of the bottles that didn't make the cut

(The 12 bottles thing isn't intended to be prescriptive. I think it's just supposed to be so they can keep the spirit lists required down to something manageable and not make you go chasing after creme de violet for that one esoteric cocktail)
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Where the hell do you get Psyllium husks powder?

It's at our food co-op in the bulk spice/herb section. Hippie Metamucil.
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Hippie Metamucil.

Constipated Hippies. A frightening thought.
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I am ashamed that I am just learning of this website now.
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There are a few odd choices (but plenty of good ones). Let me explain:

1) Genever? The list is supposed to be for classic cocktails. How many require genever? Even though vodka is not part of the "classic cocktail era" it is useful for many good drinks (and even more really bad ones). Definitely make that switch.

2) I don't consider Grand Marnier and Cointreau interchangeable (though obviously they have similarities). So I'd stick with Cointreau which you are going to end up using a lot of.

3) Gold rum. For drinking straight? Yes. For cocktails? Less so. I'd go with a white rum for two very simple reasons: daiquiris and mojitos. Gold or dark rums are generally mixed with other rums for cocktails and are thus less useful by themselves.

4. Rye whiskey. No problem here. Some people are asking about bourbon but I think rye (American, not Canadian) works fine. Yes, ryes have a different flavor profile from bourbons but I would be willing to bet that the differences between bourbons is greater than the difference between all the bourbons averaged vs. all ryes averaged. Whenever I make a Manhattan or a whiskey old fashioned I'll use whichever rye or bourbon is handy. I think in the long run they are pretty interchangeable.

5. Irish whiskey. Kind of runs into the same problem as genever above. Great for drinking straight but not so useful for cocktails.

6. Angostura and orange bitters. Definitely yes on this. They left Peychaud's out this time which hurts but makes sense overall (though Peychaud's is the obvious third choice of bitters).

7. No tequila. Interesting choice. I personally cannot stand even the smell of tequila and it's not part of my home bar and it wasn't used in that many classic cocktails but it is gaining popularity so strictly for cocktail purposes I would be inclined to switch it out for the Irish whiskey.

8. Without tequila and Irish whiskey I think that leaves you open for a wild card liqueur. Maybe maraschino would fill that spot nicely as it does seem to get used a lot (at least in my house). Or a grand bitter like Campari or even Benedictine or if you want something more modern then a coffee or chocolate liqueur. It's a wild card so that you can customize the list as per your tastes.
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DRMacIver: ... and not make you go chasing after creme de violet for that one esoteric cocktail)

Ah, but that one esoteric cocktail is definitely worth the effort of chasing down.
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bfootdav: Yes, that was actually the example I had in mind. :-) I keep meaning to try an Aviation but never quite seem to get around to it.
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You should definitely get around to trying the Aviation. It's got a complex flavor that when well-made works perfectly. And then the combination of the name and what it looks like just adds to the enjoyment. In fact I don't think there's any other drink that combines flavor, visual appeal, and name as well as the Aviation does. And there are a couple of other drinks that use creme de violette or, because it is a liqueur, you can drink it straight or on ice or layered with other liqueurs.
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Well then. I guess I shall have to try an aviation! I'm sure I can find a bar that will sell me one. (And if I like it I'll add the requisite spirits to the drink purchasing queue. Maraschino is already on there anyway)
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Psyllium husk powder is like freebased Metamuscil. Not to be gross, but if you are ever wishing your bowels were moving slower, more regularly and/or faster, it's good for what ails you. The stuff is the duct tape of your digestion tract.
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