The c, the c!
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Here is a nice wee video that visualises special relativity; not by imagining the viewer to be travelling very fast, but rather by imagining the speed of light to be very slow. The creators of the code used to generate the images in the video have a rather accessible paper explaining the physics behind it here, and a page full of other lovely relativistic odds and sods here.
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After angular distortion, doppler and intensity I was sure the next effect was going to be "seeing dead relatives".
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The last time I heard that text-to-speech engine was in a GoonFleet recruiting video. It's still creepy.
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That was pretty great.
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Video was a bit fuzzy for me, so on first glance instead of
  • angular distortion
  • doppler
  • intensity
I saw
  • angular distortion
  • doppler
  • insanity
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Really great video. This immediately made me thing of The Lost Fleet which has the difficultly of battle at relativistic speeds as an integral part of the story. Very good illustration.
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I vaguely recall an idea from Hubble, I think, that this is a matter of frames of reference again. There's no difference between lowering the speed of light to 1m/sec, and scaling up the universe by the inverse proportion. So basically these videos could be interpreted as the speed of light being unaltered, and the objects they're "viewing" are just huge, bigger than galaxy clusters.
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The Doppler shift part has got me thinking about the effects c=1m/s would have on the way humans perceive colours.

c=frequency x wavelength

for photons.

If photons are leaving the sand in the desert with the same frequency but c is reduced by 3x10^8 then does that mean that the new wavelength will be equal to the old wavelength/3x10^8? If so that would mean that we wouldn't be able to see it.

Or would a consequence of reducing c be that the frequency of the photon would also be reduced? I guess it boils down to whether the energy of a photon is dependant on c.

It's been too long since I thought about real physics.
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So, from the desert part, it never actually got to c. If it did, would you see nothing at all? Or just a tiny white spot ahead of you?
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If you go faster than the speed of light, everything will be dark.
Think about that at night fall this evening.
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I couldn't have been the only one thinking of this as they went through the cube.
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So travelling at close to the speed of light is akin to viewing a badly encoded video on youtube? Got it. Carry on.
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At some point during the presentation, the synthesized voice turned into GlaDOS from Portal.

"with the position indicated on the HUD map. Remember - we are seeing the cube as it was, not as it is."

Wow. :)
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I have a degree in Physics and scored my best result on the General Relativity paper, and that confused the hell out of me. I'm not sure I even understand what scenario they're trying to present.

Perhaps I'm just tired.
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The video was created in 1997, perhaps transferred from videocassette?

Much of the effect was lost on me due to poor video quality, but interesting nonetheless.
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I think that video was posted from the RealVideo links on the page, which have been there since 2000, according to the Wayback Machine. There might be higher quality video around, or this could likely be re-rendered in short order if the source data is available.
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