Long hair, beards... That's not the face of the resistance!
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Tarzan and Arab are budding filmmakers from the Gaza strip. The identical twins (who studied fine art and photography) have never seen in a movie in a theater, or been in a gallery. In fact, until last month, they had never left Gaza. Inviting them to the Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas proved to be a "colourful journey", which is also the title of their short movie (trailer) about Palestinian infighting. Short interview with the brothers (includes tips about filming in Gaza). Longer interview (about inspiration and hopes, includes the full short). Via AintItCool, where additional info can be found about their current stay in the US.
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Looks like they're raising money for a first feature.
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This post adjacently trades in the incorrect stereotype of Gaza being a barren wasteland. It's not. If these brothers have never seen a movie in a movie theater, it isn't because there aren't any in Gaza.
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