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So. While hunting for a live performance of a song from the Beatmania IIDX series, a totally sweet primarily-piano piece known for its near-impossibility to play as a video game, much less on real instruments, I stumbled upon this incredible version, performed by the phenomenal TeppeikunViolin and his lovely pianist assistant. Of course, it turns out that beyond just having RIDICULOUS chops on the violin, he's also a nerd in the best sense. Not only has he done a great violin cover of the internet sensation "Bad Apple!!", he's also done a cover of the music from the original Legend of Zelda that must be seen, a cover of Super Mario Bros. that makes subtle reference in the background, as any good Japanese Nintendo fan should, to "Kintamario," and a little something he calls "Tetris being played on a Game Boy with a dying battery" that absolutely must be seen to be believed.
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I could swear at least one piece by this guy has been posted on MeFi before, but I can't find it for the life of me. The white tuxedo in particular brought back a very strong memory.

Anyway, these are fantastic.
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Just watched the Zelda video -- it's great!
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Thank you. I had made an FPP about his covers, but the uploader didn't offer any credit and that account has been shut down since then. It's nice to know the name of the violinist and have access to the videos again.
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I love this. The Super Mario Bros one is giving me flashbacks of watching my brothers' play it (sadly my skill at SMB was minimal and usually involved asking one of my brothers to beat the level bosses for me).
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