Bad Lip Reading
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Bad Lip Reading is just what it sounds like: videos overdubbed by an unreliable reader of lips. It's largely political humor (but also featuring overdubs of videos from the likes of Michael Buble) by an anonymous author, who Rolling Stone and The Washington Post recently interviewed.
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The Michele Bachmann one is the very best. Jackpot fishy poopy pants.
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This reminds me of Day Job Orchestra
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I hadn't seen the Washington Post interview, cool. Btw, Universal Music Group recently made YouTube take down BLR's Dirty Spaceman. :(
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I don't know if anything has made me laugh as hard as these videos. The political stuff is superb, but it's the music videos that really get me. Like this or this. He somehow manages to replace the songs with new music that is superior to the original in both songwriting and production. And it fits the video perfectly. It's unreal.
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Previously on the blue.
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The Michele Bachmann one is the very best.
Agreed. Mama gets a what-what, you know I represent.
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I found the Michele Bachmann overdub to be more lucid than the words that actually come out of her mouth. Srsly.
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Could some some Koreans with video editing skills to replace the Korean text in Dirty Spaceman? You could make them suggest the connection between "dirty spaceman", "I want it in my dumpster", and "Angel mouth ate my Jedi jello". Btw, there are lyrics in this video if anyone needs them.
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Ice cream.
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Yes, his songs usually make more sense than the originals too, mcstayinskool. ;)
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