Amazing! Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth
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It started because of an odd ad for denture containers, Tooth Garage (for sanitary, safe parking of false teeth), and became one of the gags in Marvin Glass' collection of novelty products (whose gags would include fake vomit [prev], Rock ’Em Sock ’Em Robots, and more [prev] ); usually an inexpensive prank item or toy, but valuable when used as a promotional item for The Rolling Stones: Yakity-yak Talking Teeth, the history.
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The first link doesn't really do anything for me... it's just an inconclusive Google search. Do you have a direct link to something?
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Clarification: the search results are for three pages, one is the Collectors Weekly article, and the other two are results for the ad in question, and sadly, the best view I could find of either magazine. Google has them scanned, but the rights are limited to "snippet views" that come up empty (except for odd highlighted areas of yellow) for me. The search results show decent OCR of the text of the ads, giving you the best idea of what is shown short of seeing the ad itself.
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