Hazel, the band
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Hazel were one of the forgotten bands of the “grunge” years. Much more info here at about the band (and a ton of other stuff) at the site of the band’s dancer, Fred Nemo. A sampler: 1.Supersonic 2.J. Hell 3.Comet 4.Boog 5.Day Glo
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I saw them with Seaweed or somebody like that, years and years ago. Fred Nemo is a hard man to forget.
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Heh. I used to work with Jody Bleyle at Macromedia back in the late 1990s. Never had any idea she was in Hazel, but never really knew of the band at the time. Nice person, hope she's doing well...
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Quick Jerk music video, with the secret identities of the members, and some of Fred Nemo's dancing.

"Joe Louis Punchout" Live @ X-Ray Cafe, kinda noisy, and only in right channel audio (featuring moments of FN in action).

"Live! Bohemia Session #1" Portland, Oregon 1992 (31:35!) Strobing lights make it hard to see what's going on at times.
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Thanks FLT.
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Is this where we name our favorite forgotten 'grunge' bands?

Local H
Kid Million (aka Fix Your Wagon)

ok now you go.
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I saw Hazel in a teeny little club in Baltimore (the 8x10) when Toreador had just been released. Loved the band, bought a T-shirt. Good times.
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Overwhelming Colorfast.

Check and mate, bitch.
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I worked in a record store when this album dropped, and I keep getting it confused with that band Chick. (Does anyone else remember them? I never listened to them, but the album was bright pink and had a roach on the cover.)
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Local H
Atticus Finch
Jackopierce (my brother was involved into the Dallas music scene at the time)
Letters to Cleo

Okay, I think I just outed myself as hopelessly lame.
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Pete Krebs from Hazel was later in Golden Delicious, which was often thought of as some kind of punky bluegrass band, but was actually something of a Holy Modal Rounders cover band (featuring HMR bassist Dave Reisch). He also did at least four albums solo or with the Gossamer Wings, and a one-off with Danny Barnes from Bad Livers. He also started the Kung Pao Chickens, a gypsy jazz band, that carried on after he left it. Now he's in the swing band The Stolen Sweets.
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Oh, there was also The Pete Krebs Trio, also old-school jazz.
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"Was"? Peter Krebs is still playing here in P-town. Recently played a friend's wedding reception, actually.
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Guys, guys, guys. You want obscure grunge-era Portland bands? I give you Hitting Birth. One of the best live shows I've seen, though it didn't translate well to record.

Still, Hazel were the band of choice among my Seattle independent record store coworkers for several months during the early nineties.
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As a resident of Portland from 93-96 I was fully familiar with Hitting Birth. I raise you...my post for tomorrow. Heh heh...
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Wow, I genuinely didn't expect anyone to be familiar with them. When they were on they were on, shopping cart and all. Now I'm intrigued about tomorrow's post!
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New Bad Things?
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I grew up here and was in high school from 90-94. That was a pretty rad time for shows.

I liked....
Dimbulb, 30.06, Spinanes, Pond, New Bad Things, Heatmiser, Transparent Thing, Swoon 23, Poison Idea, Sprinkler, Crackerbash, Team Dresch, BlackJack.

And others of course. That's just a few Portland bands. That's not counting any Oly or Seattle bands. One or two of the photos in the second Hazel lp were taken at my friends house.
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josher71, I see you're in Baltimore. Does this have anything to do with their song about Boog Powell?
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I blew into a trumpet for the very first time in Fred Nemo's garage, where a guy I'd just met was living. Within weeks I had my own cornet ($40 from Fairly Honest Bill's) and I've been playing ever since. Coming up on 15 years.
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If I ever see those "grunge" pants on you, you'll be on the ground looking up.

-Tony Soprano
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Rainperimeter -

I went to PSU from 93-96 so I'm pretty sure we were at some of the same shows at the X-Ray. While the monologue struck me back then it isn't the reason I posted. However, I do work right next to Camden Yards and people are always asking about Boog's BBQ Pit. And everytime I think of that song and about the "lush green grass". I also wonder why that song isn't played at Boog's every minute of every day they are open.

Speaking of Dimbulb, those guys were my first friends when I moved to PDX from small town Tennessee, so they will always have a place in my heart. Also, I had a college class with Myrtle from Poison Idea and I remember one day after class he asked me to have a beer with him. How could I say no to having a beer with a member of Poison Idea?!
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If nothing else, thanks to Hazel for this. Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.
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