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Alfred Hitchcock's Angry Birds and other movies-based-on-video-games the way they should be done (Duck Hunt & Donkey Kong) from the G4 people. (SL3Videos, NSFW language, gore)
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Hitchcock's Angry Birds 2
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...and other movies-based-on-video-games the way they should be done

This statement is making a large assumption with the inclusion of the word 'should'.
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Ugh... If I have to turn off Flashblock and ABP just to make an icky website work, that's pretty much a guarantee that I'm just going to skip it. Are there external links to these videos on a non-horrible website?
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Was just coming in here to say that the vids wouldn't play for some reason, but xedrik has addressed that issue for me. Let me know if you find these hosted somewhere friendly.
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Funny, I thought the Wired page was friendlier than where they were originally hosted at, so that was why I used that link.

Anyway, someone (probably unauthorized, so these may not be permanent) has now put 'em on YouTube:

The Birds of Anger

Kart Driver

The Hunt

They may not be worth all the trouble you've had seeing them, but they're worth seeing, IMO.
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You had me until "from the G4 people." G4 : Gaming :: MTV : Music
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