Wikipedia: Happy. Confused. Sad.
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Wikipedia has an experimental feature called Feedback Dashboard that allows new editors to leave a brief comment and a mood of 3 choices: Happy, Confused, Sad. It's sort of addictive to scroll through as people discover Wikipedia and reactions.
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Does this mean I'll be able to give certain Wikipedia articles a crocodile in spelling?
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All of the range of Wikipedia with all of the depth of emoticons.

I did't express that correctly. Initially this news made me happy: :-)   Then this news made me sad: :-(    Then I became a butterfly: Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
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All human life is here. From the Sad section:

my work was deleted, but my band Recycled Susan were huge in Korea

I thought that I was going to upload my own biography,unfortunately,I didn't gt it.......

the would not let me take out something that is inappropriate to younger users in the Captain America the first Avenger article.

i cant make a page of my rapping name

It stinks that anyone can say anything

everyone was moaning at me even though i know my own inspiration

I want to fix the definition of "Fall Factor," which uses a masculine pronoun to describe climbers. Couldn't figure out how to change it.

obama is not from america why did whoever wrote this lie.... and hes not even real hes cardboard.....

why it can't be passage is lost,I have

my brother typed that and i was away

I have to ask where is the list of mangalore's shopping malls?

They don't believe me!

I cant change the wrong in what it says about Johnny Depp

I don't know how to create a page about say my band

I can't upload/move my article into wikipedia from my space.

I completely messed up the image thing and I can't make it right. Please make this simpler, because now someone else will have to fix it up.

people bully . its like nazi germany

i have no idea what I am supposed to be doing. all I have to do is add my name to the list of students in my class.

I was a key person that helped end apartheid and I have information that is very healthy to send to the President, and every attempt failed

my computer is mess up again need fixs up my facebook

I am a freelance writer and I signed up originally that no one is to change my materials and reword it to their own this is very

A name of a page was already taken by something less worthy of its name

I was just trying to make a page for an obscure Naruto video game When Mathew Thompson deleted it.

Who ever is diss approving my Bio I'm writing for a well known world wide co-star to Joe Rogan & co-star to over 10 hit iTunes Podcasts.

With regard to its article on Londonderry, it uses the nationalist (and unofficial) name of 'Derry' throughout the article.

How come that every one else is Italian-American, but Vinny is "Sicilian"-American? He's still Italian-American.

I can't find how to create a page for a new game being created. The developers on forum for "Sonic 3 HD" are wishing for the game to appear

they got rid of my edit even though watched the movie Teen Titans Trouble In Tokyo more than34 times i know what i'm talking about :(


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haha look at these idiots
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Well, if you like, but the Londonderry/Derry and the Sicilian/Italian-American comments looked like things that would end up with 500-comment MeTa threads here, and the irreconcilable contrast between "there should be less freedom to post!" and "there should be more freedom to post!" comments spoke to me of the sheer difficulty in making Wikipedia work. The MySpace comment said to me that people saw Wikipedia as a place for free expression - and why not a Wikipedia entry for every person? The "it should be simpler because I've broken it and someone will have to clean it up" spoke to the administrator/coder in me - who hasn't had to fix something and been blamed for providing the functionality in the first place? And so on.

But you're right: I did find some of the comments humorous, and posted them here thinking they would entertain, which is indeed mockery. My apologies. I hope we can avoid a derail...
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"It feels great to edit the worlds best encyclopedia by us... :)"
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nah youre right, if we dont mock wikipedia how will it improve

something something evolution something coddling our generation something
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ah, so wikipedia is becoming wikia now.
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All human life is here.

And some other species.
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I was a key person that helped end apartheid and I have information that is very healthy to send to the President, and every attempt failed

I really hope this is a disgruntled F. W. De Klerk in a bathrobe.
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because hey, it worked so well on MySpace.
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I liked your comment, alasdair. The comments are funny, but they're a lot of other things as well. And some of the humour comes from the reminder that many of our little everyday frustrations are somewhat bathetic and ill-proportioned when they are amassed and looked at objectively. I don't think this is inhumane.
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Metafilter: everyone was moaning at me even though i know my own inspiration.
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I've given up on wikipedia as both a source of information and as something to contribute to. The house style of over linking words in an article is annoying, and having some one undo your work is even more annoying. As a reader I can't trust it, as a contributor it's not worth my time.

I think it was a great experiment that has failed. (But then I feel this way about wikis in general.)
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that a handful of non experts can decide upon the deletion of an article is quite frustrating

too true.
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I've given up
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If failure is creating the sixth most visited website in the world then what would success look like?
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Another explanation of the feature.

Rationale: By surfacing new editors' problems and frustrations ("I don't know how to make a new page"), it becomes possible to see emerging themes (the most common problems) and focus on them, and it opens a new venue for directly seeking out promising new editors who experience difficulties with their first edits.
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