More Mayo, Hold the Kermode
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More Mayo is the podcast version of BBC's Simon Mayo Drivetime. Mayo is best known outside of the UK as one half of the Mayo and Kermode's Film Reviews. The centerpiece of the More Mayo podcast is the confessions, where listeners write in asking forgiveness for past transgressions. They are often funny and sometimes jaw-dropping (such as the first one in the latest episode). The podcasts are generally around a half an hour long and contain three or four confessions and a short interview with anyone from huge celebrities to debut novelists to children. The podcasts are available to download for 30 days.
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Hmm... I definitely have a need for new podcasts. Thanks!
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Just to be clear, there's no Mark Kermode, and barely a mention of films, on More Mayo. On the other hand, Simon Mayo has just about the perfect radio voice and I could listen to him talk about anything.
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Thing is, he's been doing this since his Radio 1 breakfast show days in the late eighties / early nineties. You'd think the Great British Public would have run out of mildly titillating peccadilloes by now...
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He's a nice enough bloke but "Mayo and Kermode's Film Reviews" would be a lot better if it was just Kermode.
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Really? I think there's a great camraderie and tension between the two personalities that makes the podcast an enjoyable listen; one without the other would be less interesting.

One time, Kermode said something like, "our show" and Mayo corrected him: "I think you'll find it's my show..."

Mayo's a great counter-balance to Kermode's manic style.
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Hello to Jason Isaacs.
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