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Armstrong is an online graphic novel in 3 parts (with more potentially to come), each on a long-scrolling 'infinite canvas'. 1, 2, 3. It has everything, Superheroes, Zombies, Pirates, Cowboys and Cooties. Cooties? Well, it is set in a playground full of 4th graders.

(And the Cooties-Zombies connection now seems so obvious)

Also from the same artist, David Halvorson, maybe some of the best use of recycled art since T-Rex first stomped on the web: "Sometimes, late at night, I lay awake in bed and wonder... and wonder... and wonder... and wonder... and wonder... and wonder... and wonder... and wonder... and wonder... and...
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hi There...very nice website for graphic novel. i am a graphic artist and also art appreciator ..i want to say thanks for make an art website...
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This is fabulous -- a beautiful palette, and plays well with display and form. Story reminds me a little bit of Umbrella Academy, but with more feel good and a touch of nostalgia thrown in for good measure.
Thanks for this!
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These are fun links!

The vertical scroll reveal is perfect for digital sequential art, story just flows down the page, an idea worth stealing. Excellent stuff.
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This was excellent. Thank you for sharing.
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What a fun, clever, beautiful-drawn comic. Thank you, oneswellfoop!

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This is wonderful! Thanks!
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