Missilebreak Outvaders
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Flash Friday Fun, if it's still Friday where you are: Missilebreak Outvaders is a nicely done mashup of Space Invaders, Breakout and Missile Command.

Gamers of a certain age will grin uncontrollably while playing this. Or curse a lot. Or both.

Or curse me a lot. Via Jay Is Games.
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Flash Saturday Morning Fun, for me. (If anyone wants me, I'll be reliving my teenage years for the rest of the day instead of doing proper grownup stuff.)

That is a cool find. Thanks.

posted by malibustacey9999 at 4:17 PM on October 28, 2011

Okay, that's absolutely genius, and super fun too.
posted by lucidium at 4:30 PM on October 28, 2011

Oh, this is fun.
posted by Doofus Magoo at 4:45 PM on October 28, 2011

This game is brilliant not only because it has the style of old buttonmashers, but also the spirit of them: it gives you extra lives as you get points, and gets harder and harder as you go. It FEELS like an old 80s game that just got missed in the shuffle.
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Fun though.
posted by Cog at 4:52 PM on October 28, 2011

The game is a perfect mix of the earlier games. I can't even imagine another way to put them together.
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That's great!

Except they don't get super fast when there's not many left
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Oh hi! I made this! Metafilter noticed something I made! Oh my gosh!

I, uh... I'd be glad to answer any questions, or anything. Wow.

Does this make me a MeFi's Own now? This is so cool.
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NMcCoy0: This. Is. Awesome.
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Hi NMcCoy - thanks so much for this game. I loved it and thought people here would too, hence the post. Great to see (via Jay) you also have the music on Bandcamp for the seriously super-keen (I'm a big fan of Bandcamp myself).

Just one question - this was also mentioned over on the JiG page - have you thought about adding an old-school high scores table with prepopulated fake initials - even if it isn't a proper online multiplayer thing, it would be very a sweet cherry on top of an already well iced cake.
posted by motty at 8:08 PM on October 28, 2011

Bravo. Finally, a retro mashup that makes SENSE.
posted by davejay at 8:40 PM on October 28, 2011

NMcCoy: Nice work. Missile Command was one of my favorites back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and there were actual arcades, and this captures the feel nicely. Is there anywhere I can play .swf file without html getting in the way? I've just got this itty-bitty netbook, you see, and the website is making the game taller than my screen can accommodate.
posted by lekvar at 10:09 PM on October 28, 2011

NMcCoy: I love it. It is more than the sum of its parts.
posted by no relation at 10:25 PM on October 28, 2011

I came for the great title, I stayed for the music.
posted by Earl the Polliwog at 12:06 AM on October 29, 2011

Wait this is a game mashup? I just assumed it was some DoD simulation of Reagan's SDI plan....
posted by Chekhovian at 12:34 AM on October 29, 2011

The City is at war with itself. Long ago there had been others, so it was said. They had failed to appease the Godbar in some way, and the Godbar had removed Its protection and let in the Outside. The priests, supposedly following the Godbar's mad caprice, commanded the erection of a new City. Second City was devastated by those Outside immediately upon completion.

Heretical cults sprang up, preaching that the Godbar was in league with Those from Beyond. The mere thought sent the City into convulsions. Reformations and counter-reformations sweep the City daily, the fighting growing ever fiercer. Above it all, the Godbar hovers, as unknowable and unapproachable as It was the day It first appeared.
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This is just excellent.

As a random aside, I always thought that Missile Command was not just a great game, but a beautiful illustration of the futility of anti-ballistic missile systems - any system that had less than a 100% interception rate would result in unimaginable numbers of deaths.

According to Wikipedia, one of the cities was originally supposed to represent my hometown of San Luis Obispo. I'm glad I didn't know that. I already had enough nightmares about nuclear war when I was a kid.
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NMcCoy, I really like the way the sound effects and the music mix together. It's like you're part of the music performance as a player. What software did you use to make the music and sfx?
posted by LucVdB at 12:02 PM on October 29, 2011

There was not a single part of that that wasn't awesome.
posted by jacquilynne at 5:00 PM on October 29, 2011

The music was made with PXTone, the sounds were done with a mix of sfxr and Audacity.
posted by NMcCoy at 3:43 PM on October 30, 2011 [1 favorite]

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