Whomever's hosted on Exodus,
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Whomever's hosted on Exodus, raise your hand. Yeah, me too. So... where do we go if they shut down? Anyone?
(5 points for me for not saying something about a 'mass exodus'.)
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one more thing:

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Who does it to whom...
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Man, stay clear of Ellen Hancock. Anything she touchs goes to shite. Ousted from IBM, then Apple, and now she jumps a sinking Exodus.
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Dude, you just made all the text on the front page smaller...
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Someone should do a comparison between the tech-company-executive circuit and the pro-football-coach circuit. It seems like there's not as much learning from one's mistakes going on as might be desired.

That said, Exodus declaring bankruptcy doesn't mean that they're going to shut down. It just means that anyone who had their stock is totally screwed and anyone who had their bonds is pretty much screwed.

Their competitors are also minorly screwed, because once Exodus gets their debtors to take 20 cents on the dollar they'll have lower operating costs. See the airline industry in the 80's for an example.
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Long ago I learned it was simply better to pay for hosting. I use digitial chainsaw - but by no means should you. For my $114 dollars a year I've had a few email problems and some down right awful lag time in getting to my site. I guess you get what you pay for... so don't go cheap (like me) if you can afford to. is my site... my host is at:
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I work for a web hosting company, and we've been in Chapter 11 since last November. We're still around, but it's pretty nerve-wracking. On the other hand, I do believe we've improved our service since then, and we're a heck of a lot more efficient.
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whoops. i am a horrible monster and i prey for death.
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Ah, the old give me points for not mentioning X ploy. But see, you just did.
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jcterminal, sorry, that was the wrong way to resolve that...
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Sorry if this is considered an ad, I'm sure ourFearlessLeader()™ will clear it out if it is deemed so:

Well, if anyone needs hosting, drop me an email and I'll see what I can set you up with. PHP, MySQL, PERL, etc. Pretty much, you want it, we can work with it. account managemnet in yoru hands, webmail provided yada yada. And I own the box, so if you need virtual hosting, werd up.

Anyway, what's up with Exodus and their more or less CIA level security at some locations?
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I've hosted my site with Pair for 4 years. Never had a single problem, never any down time for site or email. It's $5.95 per month for 100 megs of space and the price has never gone up once. (And no, I don't work for Pair- just had a good experience. :-)
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This made the Nasdaq go all funny(er)

Trades in bankrupt Exodus cause false Nasdaq jump
NEW YORK, Sept 28 (Reuters) - The sharp rise in the Nasdaq composite index (^IXIC - news) around 10 a.m. was caused by a faulty trade in bankrupt Web hosting company Exodus Communications Inc. (NasdaqNM:EXDS - news), the Nasdaq said on Friday.

As a result of the trade, which was entered into the Nasdaq's systems at $100 per share, the composite jumped to a 4 percent gain. Shortly after the index peaked, it fell back to a 2 percent rise after the trade was canceled, a Nasdaq spokeswoman said.

Shares of Exodus, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday, last traded at 17 cents.

In February, a handful of erroneous trades caused the Nasdaq composite to falsely spike up 14 percent.

Some traders said automatic buy programs had been triggered at around the time of the spike in the composite, also contributing to the gain.

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