The Last Act of the Notorious Howie Spira
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The Last Act of the Notorious Howie Spira. The conventional shorthand for what George Steinbrenner did wrong, in press accounts of the mudslinging-and-extortion scandal, is this: The Yankees owner had an "association with Howard Spira." It made Spira sound menacing—this known gambler, this criminal element. He was the embodiment of the Yankees owner's dark side: Steinbrenner the Nixon bagman, the convicted-and-pardoned felon. Under questioning in court, Steinbrenner described their relationship in ominous terms. Did Spira "destroy" him? "As far as baseball is concerned, yes," Steinbrenner said. "He did a very good job."
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He wanted a "book-and-movie deal". He got a long post on a GawkerNet blog. Screwed to the end.
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Great article, though I don't know about the "screwed to the end" thing. For one thing, he's still alive, and for another, I didn't exactly get the sense that the world owes this guy a damn thing.
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