March 23, 2000
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Man there's a lotta links today. I'd like to add one, and continue the profanity thing. Everyone say "fuck" one more time. And now, "ass." That's also a good word. Both are used liberally at, which appears to be some kind of guerrilla advertising group, similar to that whole Andre thing. They provide templates for printing out stickers that say things like ButIdon', and Good fun for the whole family.
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those people are hilarious. When I was in SF last month, I saw this poster, just a block away from Pyra headquarters.
posted by mathowie at 4:17 PM on March 23, 2000

Note the "obey" poster right next to it. Coincidence?
posted by endquote at 5:05 PM on March 23, 2000

File under "slow on the uptake": I started seeing these posters around a month or so ago, but for some reason didn't put it together that there might be an actual Web site behind them -- after all, wouldn't it be a bit self-contradictory? Anyway, I saw the site a couple of weeks ago and noted their contact person was named Sam Lowry. Since then I've been walking around going, "Sam Lowry, Sam Lowry, damn, I know that name sounds awful familiar..."
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