Spike Milligan, Medical Reformer
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Spike Milligan, Medical Reformer: another delight from Letters of Note.
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I love Spike Milligan. His war memoirs are absolute gut-busters as well as being surprisingly poignant at times. Absolutely nobody can not like them.

On the subject of things, has anybody else here ever seen the brilliantly depressing old Peter Sellers movie The Optimists? That was the first film that ever made me want to kill myself. I believe I was about five.
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I told you I was ill.
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Curse this wind! No more curried eggs for me!
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Milligan once put an ad in Private Eye's lonely hearts column, reading 'Spike Milligan would like to meet a rich, well-insured widow – intention: murder.' According to legend, he recieved several responses.
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Now the site unusable by iPhone disease has spread to this one too. I can read the transcript, but it's not the same.

It was great here how the administrator, clearly a fan, got into the fun immediately while also trying to answer the questions.
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Do YOU play the saxphone?
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Just brilliant as his stuff always is.
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I suspect that doctor was Peter Sellers or Harry Seacombe seeing patients under a pen name.
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