so bad it's good, for sure
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Folks, tunes like Scotch Tape (by Lana Johnidas with the Swinging Strings) and Portland Rose Song (by Bert Lowry with Orchestra and Chorus) could only have come from a "vanity" record label like Film City, who provided us and future generations with a plethora of endearingly awful little masterpieces.
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Oh, wow. The Song Poem scam(mish) thing is fascinating; I can't believe I didn't know anything about this.

In addition to the explanation from the Song Poem Music site linked to in the WFMU article, I found this page that has a lot of info, and led me to this PBS documentary about the Song Poem industry on YouTube. I love this.
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Off the Charts (the documentary taz linked to above) is a must-watch if you find this sort of thing interesting. Honorable mentions to Florence Foster Jenkins and The Shaggs, whose questionable talents were preserved for posterity in the days before it was cheap and easy to produce recordings at home. (With enough money, you can record whatever you want!)
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The Lana Johnidas tunes actually sound kinda cool. Makes me think of Rosemary Clooney ad libbing, with that weird Chamberlin vibe going on. Bert Lowry otoh, is pretty funny. Good post.
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I am certain that the neighbors walking by my open windows as I listened to these selections are now completely convinced that I am out of my mind.
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I really liked Scotch Tape. Am I tone deaf or do people think it's awful because the subject is banal?
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I really liked Scotch Tape.

So did I. I thought it was hilarious, and I imagine that Lana imagined herself as the next Joey Heatherton.

Am I tone deaf ...?

Possibly. She's rather out of tune, after all, and if you can't hear that, well, that's pretty much the definition of 'tone deaf'. But perhaps, like me, you find the out-of-tuneness to be part of its charm. Like say, the horn section in a Fela song. Nothing wrong with that.
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Bert Lowry with Orchestra and Chorus

Orchestra and Chorus, read Mellotron and Piano Bass.
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