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If you like The Moth and you like science, then you might also like Story Collider. Podcast RSS.

Via the latest Radiolab podcast.
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Funnily enough, just as Radiolab is sometimes viewed as a science-focused version of This American Life, TAL is what originally introduced me to The Moth and now RL has introduced me to Story Collider.

For those that hate Radiolab's production, from what I can tell Story Collider doesn't have any of that and is very much following in the Moth's footsteps of unadorned public storytelling.
posted by kmz at 8:45 AM on November 1, 2011

This looks great! Thanks!
posted by emilycardigan at 8:50 AM on November 1, 2011

re: radiolabs production. Praise the lard, I love the content but hate the gloss, and have been waiting for a show with proper production to come out. Thanks very much for the link.
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They're all marked Explicit on itunes. Bodes well.
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Assuming they're all approximately the same length as the latest one I'm now about 15 hours more behind in catching up with all my podcasts than I was five minutes ago.
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@kmz thank you for telling me that. I don't want to listen to another Radiolab, not even once.
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I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for posting this.
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I highly recommend the book A Primate's Memoir to anyone interested in the general topic of "stories about Science".
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Thank you.
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I really like Radiolab's gloss - it's incredibly sonically pleasing and well-edited.
But I can see how someone could find it obnoxious. The host-banter is a little much sometimes.

Storytelling podcast junkies: Kevin Allison's Risk! is one of my favorites - it's like The Moth's spunkier, nsfw little brother, and has an incredibly playful air about it. Think: an hour-long variety show of short-form, Moth-like performances by well known-comedians and the public alike; mixed in with snippets of prose and wacky mashups and fan-submitted "risk" songs... anyway, it's a real gem if you've never come across it before.
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...although I will add that the latest episode of Risk! was a total bummer, and probably not the best one to start out with.
(Very powerful, though... great story, just... incongruous.)
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Thanks for the heads-up, kmz!
I heart Radiolab.
"Gloss", meticulous craftsmanship; to-may-to, to-mah-to.
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