Interested in taming your man?
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Interested in taming your man? Upon first review of the advice given, I was guffawing, and thinking man what kind of milksop would this be effective on. After thinking some more about it, I started to wonder if I would be affected by it. I mean would my Pavlovian response to sex, in effect, allow my wife to train me, and would I mind?
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Not "Taming", pat - "Training". Basic Dom/sub stuff. Frankly, this side of the fence goes opposite my wiring, but there are more than enough men out there who are into submission - and a surprising number who would be, if they ever got a taste of it laced with a spoonful of sugar.
posted by Perigee at 1:11 PM on September 28, 2001

What a steaming pile of shit!
posted by SilentSalamander at 4:09 PM on September 28, 2001

All men want are blowjobs and not to be nagged to death.

This will lead to World Peace.
posted by BarneyFifesBullet at 5:13 PM on September 28, 2001

Sounds like a takeoff on the new book out about wives submitting to husmands and their every wish to make for better marriages. I suspect some folks here are being taking in.
posted by Postroad at 6:35 PM on September 28, 2001

It sounds less BDSM and more behaviorism. Real submissives tend to want to be theatrically and overtly dominated. Sounds like terrible advice, though. Most people hate control, especially if they haven't consented to it.
posted by Charmian at 7:32 PM on September 28, 2001

I suppose in a way it is more behaviorism than BDSM. On the other hand, I'm not sure B. F. Skinner would have gone for one of those chastity devices. (scroll down.)
posted by moss at 11:20 PM on September 28, 2001

did everyone miss that 'milksop' link? i laughed heartily, out loud at that one.
posted by donkeysuck at 11:31 PM on September 28, 2001

I thought the milksop link was very very sad and an important way of reaching out to people.

Perhaps I'm overly serious but everyone deserves a little sensitivity.
posted by indigo at 11:53 PM on September 28, 2001

I would rather do my own housecleaning.
I prefer my standards to dear hubby's anyway.
On the other hand I like it when he cooks.....but I don't have to trick him into that .
posted by bunnyfire at 8:09 AM on September 29, 2001

Its not natural for the female to controll when she will be impregnated like a creature that is both male and female. Nature gave males more testosterone so he would be initiating the sex most of the time, otherwise it leaves no role for the male, she will no longer be able to be dominated by men and while it may be sexy at first in the long run the women will find true satisfaction only in other women like herself (Lesbianism) and her line of genes will not pass on.
posted by stbalbach at 12:07 PM on September 29, 2001

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