Library Science - Exhibition at New Haven Libraries
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Library Science is an exhibition at New Haven (Connecticut) libraries that contemplates our personal, intellectual and physical relationship to the library as this venerable institution—and the information it contains—is being radically transformed by the digital era. Some examples: Untitled (Suburban Homes) by Erica Baum, Hurricanes by Chris Coffin, and Chinese Library No. 46 by Xiaoze Xie.
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What a cool exhibit! I'm totally in love with Chris Coffin's catalog cards. We've got those things everywhere, and they're mostly used for note-taking and phone messages. I imagine most libraries are in a similar state, if they haven't already recycled or thrown out all their obsolete cards.

Reading Room For Kids has an interesting description, and while I'm all for kick ass reading rooms for kids, and also while ostensibly the features of this one are super cool, I'm not altogether sure how much I like the idea of armaments secretly coded into butterfly wings as the wallpaper for a room where kids are going to be hanging out soaking up information. It's a bit... off. That may just be the pacifist in me, though.
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This is awesome. I have to get myself down to New Haven to see it.
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