The flattest place on earth
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As the salar has no natural outflow, when it does rain the salar floods with an extremely thin layer of water (barely ankle deep even at its most extreme), creating what is essentially the world’s largest mirror.
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That is amazing. I love the panorama shot of the "island" with all of the SUVs docked. I think they are all Toyotas.
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That site tied my browser into knots. "This javascript file is running long" popups several times. What the hell are they doing, anyway?
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It's an utterly bizarre place, and blindingly bright. But well worth visiting if you get the chance.
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This significantly crashed my browser after telling me if I wanted to continue because the script stopped.
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This site put my browser in a coma.
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Sorry, guys-I posted from the RSS feed. I went to the link after seeing people had issues; it hiccuped for a few seconds, but then worked fine. Running FF9, for what it's worth.
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Got it to work now, just took a little patience, Thanks, Chrysostom.
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Direct link to the youtube slideshow, for those who are having problems.

I just had to dig up the bike shot on flickr. Wow.
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Part of the reason why the site is so slow is that it embeds an image that is 8827x1235 pixels large (and asking the browser to resize it to something like 800x100).
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Here's a no-script version. All around awesome blog, thanks
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This is a 50-minute documentary on salt. It is fascinating. Really. There's not a lot of talking, but a ton of beautiful footage of people harvesting salt in increasingly technically complex ways all over the world. The first and best part is in the Altiplano featured here, and as you can expect from these pictures, video footage of it is amazing.
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I believe that there is one Mitsubishi Montero in that panorama. Probably badged as a Pajero.
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Yup, crashed firefox. Who the hell is They're now in my hosts file.

Weren't there some plans to mine the salt from the salar? Thought I read it right here... ah yes, Bolivia's Lithium Dream.
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Because of the lack of physical markers, it's easy (and apparently irresistible!) to create forced perspective photo illusions on the Salar.
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More pictures here: Salar de Uyuni - A Spectacular Sea of Salt
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