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One of my favorite blogs happens to be local to me. Eric Berger, the Houston Chronicle's "SciGuy" usually reports on the weather. But he also posts entertaining and serious stuff as well.

Example of some fun posts:
--Use a condom, save the planet.
--Why fingernails scratching on a chalkboard is so annoying.
--That creepy guy may be reading your texts.

Then there's more serious (and SCIENCE!) stuff:
--Nasa "bullshit"
--"Great Lakes" on Europa.
--Dark Energy and the Nobel Prize.

Mr. Berger is my first source for bad weather news, as he always keeps a level head and is pretty much on-the-spot with criticism about how mainstream media overhypes KILLER STORMS and other things. There's tons of interesting stuff here. I hope you find it fun and interesting ... and informative!
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OH CRAP someone made the "evacuate Katy" joke before I could. Damn you!

He really is a fantastic science writer. He was a godsend during Ike, and while I was avoiding his weather-related writing this summer (there's only so much bad news about the drought I can take), I really like how well he covers these subjects and also brings in guest experts from time to time.

Plus he puts up with the occasional crazies in the comments section and hasn't yet flamed out from the Katy jokes yet, which is pretty praise-worthy.
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Speaking of flame-outs, here's a photo of a wind turbine. A please-not-quite-that-much-wind-turbine.
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