Google StreetView Landscapes
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Google StreetView Art Aaron Hobson creates beautiful landscape photographs out of Google StretView
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Personally, I find Rafman's work a lot more compelling. There is also a great essay on it here.
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Instagram is just getting better and better.
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Hmm. I think Hobson's selections look better, but Rafman's have more action. Either way, it's sort of the ultimate in indiscriminately taking as many photos as possible and then finding the gems.
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Right... I've found Inverallochy, Scotland. Who's got the next one?
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Utsira, Norway
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Saint Nicholas de la Grave

(I'll stop soon...)
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I feel really stupid because I am confused as to what is going on here exactly. Are these artists just choosing the best google street view shots? That is what Rafman is doing, surely, but what about Hobson? Comparing the two Inverallochy shots (Google's and Hobson's) it looks as though Hobson has colored the shot to make it look like twilight.
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I actually like Hobson's more now that I know that he digitally modified them. Rafman seems to be picking out shots based on them being interesting (for want of a better word) while Hobson seemed to be looking for some picturesque, images that summed up how we'd expect these locations to look like. Knowing that that he did manage to find locations that had a postcard feel but then decided to make then even more postcard like because the reality was too dull, bland and, more importantly, relatable (as in this feels like the it's coming from the same world I'm in while this does not) gives a nice twist: reality is still elsewhere.
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No, please, do tell. How are these got? Is there a secret door on Google Street View that opens up to shots that are at least 4 orders of magnitude better than anything i can find in down tokyo, let alone rural india?
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A friend just sent me this little video that pretends to be made with Google Street View. It's pretty cute, even if it cheats a bit.
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The article had about as much grar-inducing content as I would have expected, but man is it good for jewel-like nuggets to keep me hooked. I mean, citation magic: "bulldogs are the most relentless farters in the canine world" [NYT] must go for something, eh?
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