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It started with your name' '@byleaveswelive', and became a tree.… This was followed by dragons, coffins, lost sinners and, 10/10, ‘Gloves of bee’s fur, cap of the wren’s wings’ but there were only 8? A dinosaur was found in the museum, but what of the last?

Mentioned before here and here
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That is talent and imagination in spades. I wish I had 1/10 of the talent that the artist used to make the 10/10.

Fantastic update, BadMiker!
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This is the greatest thing in the history of great things. Thank you for posting.
posted by markr at 4:06 AM on November 25, 2011

This is so amazing, like a benign phantom of the opera. Thanks BadMiker!
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These are wonderful, thanks. I love the intricate feathers on the wings, and the tiny little guys shooting at the T-Rex.
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Delightful. Thank you for sharing these!
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Lovely story, and wonderful gifts! Thanks for posting this.
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Stunningly beautiful.
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I like how some of them seem to have been just put under glass where they were found. "Yes. This is good, it belongs here. We'll build the case around it."
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Libraries are Expensive/Expansive! Brilliant and so true.
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If not for these posts, I would never have known about this, and I would forget to keep following up on it too. My life is richer for it. So thank you!
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This is awesome. This has to be a known artist... these are all so much better done than almost any of the other book-art I've seen. If not, they should be.

If this were done in the US, though, they'd just call the cops and they'd send a robot to blow them up.
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This was utterly charming. And the artist is amazingly talented. The feathered cap, the gloves, but all the pieces were so intricate. Thanks for sharing this.
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I would love to be able to address the maker, not to ask them who they are, just How and Why.

Just when it feels like there is no magic left in the world...
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These constructions warm the cockles of my heart.
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Aha... but that wasn't the last, it seems. Author Ian Rankin received one yesterday. Rankin was referenced in many of the other sculptures - some were cut from copies of his books, and he was one of the audience members in the model cinema left at the Filmhouse, drinking a pint of one of his favourite tipples, Deuchars IPA. (I work for the local paper and asked him if he was himself the sculptor after the first few were found, and he said he definitely wasn't, but was enchanted by them...)
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