Sketchtravel: 71 artists, 15 countries, 5 years, 1 book
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Back in 2006, a red sketch book started a journey around the world, traveling not through the mail, but from artist to artist. The idea came from Dice Tsutsumi and Gérald Guerlais, two animators at Blue Sky Studios. They compiled a list of 71 artists, personal friends and influential people they would like to have involved in their traveling sketch book. Dice and Gérald thought they could get it done in a year, but the book is now full, five years later. Another component of the project was to auction off the completed book and 9 reproductions, which was done in October, 2011, collecting more than 76,000 euros (100,000 US$) for the Room to Read international library-building organization. You can browse through the past travels on the Sketchtravel blog, view the participants by name or location on, along with video interviews and clips with 15 of the 71 artists. There are even more videos in Curio's Vimeo collection, and two informative interviews with Gérald Guerlais on

There are also two retail editions of the Sketchtravel book (description in French, auto-translation from Google). Though you can see most of the sketches on the Sketchtravel blog, here are some pictures of the retail book posted on Flickr, and more on Gallery Nucleus.
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If there was ever an art project which was begging to be an iPad app, this would be it. It could incorporate pretty much all the information streams presented here, interviews and location maps and travels of the book, even with the video of the auction and such. It would be the book, but it would also be a more immersive experience about what the book means and how it came to be.

I'd actually pay money for such an app, and I don't spend money on such things very often if at all.
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