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The Candy Critic This candy catalog shows (almost) everything from Ramen candy to Kit Kat apple vinegar, reviewed.
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No Valomilk? Can't take him seriously.
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I don't have anything constructive to comment about this. I just love candy. I do wish the website were better organized.

I may as well take this opportunity to plug my favorite candy company, Ferrara Pan. Even if you've never eaten their Lemonheads, Grapeheads, Orangeheads, Cherryheads, or Appleheads, or their Jawbusters (jaw breakers), or their Boston Baked Beans, you've probably had their Red Hots once or twice in your life, and you've also probably suffered through one of their Atomic FireBalls. I believe they also are responsible for producing Nestle's Goobers and Raisinets, although this may no longer be the case. The name "pan" comes from the panning process used to make the candy, where a small "seed" candy is placed in a giant metal cylinder (or "pan" if you will) which rotates while candy material is slowly added. As the pan rotates, the candy material clings to the seed and builds up coating after coating. You can see this if you ever look at the cross-section of a fireball or other panned candy.

A look inside the Ferrara Pan factory.
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JunkFoodGuy does the same thing better, I think.
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Volomilk reviewed elsewhere. We're not going to get anywhere if we start comparing candy review websites. Probably best to just enjoy each candy website on its own merits.
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They haven't updated in years, sadly, but The Ultimate Bad Candy Website is very similar, and is worth a read for the phrase "plum salted suck fruiters" if nothing else.
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The best candy review I've ever seen is on
Screaming like a lunatic, I lit my head on fire, stripped naked and stuffed myself into the garbage disposal, while Ben stood by helplessly, photographing the whole thing.
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I wonder if Chicken Bones are anything like Chick-O-Stick. Hardly have the teeth for it anymore but doggone I could go for a Chick-O-Stick.
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He doesn't even have creme eggs. Pfft.
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Coincidentally I was looking at this in another tab when I noticed this article

many of your sour candies are really really sour. The sourness comes from their acidity levels. Many are so acidic as to erode away your teeth enamel.
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I was hoping to see a review of the Ice Breakers Sours. I just discovered those things. They are sugar free and ridiculously flavorful. I mean, they are just absurd. The only problem is that, when you go through a whole pack, the inside of your mouth feels a little shredded. Otherwise, best candy I've run across in ages.
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On the subject of ramen candy: you can get chocolate bars with ramen noodles in them. I've never had one, but I hear they're fantastic.

Of course, you could probably also melt a bag of chocolate chips and pour it over a brick of ramen for the same price.
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But where can I buy these things? That ramen candy belongs in my kids' christmas stockings.
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Ooh, shoulda previewed. Thank you Metroid Baby!
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What a great looking website.
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If you've had haystacks, ramen noodle candy isn't surprising.
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Pfft. It's no Candy Blog.
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I have to sneak into Canada and get some banana Kit Kats. I wonder if Publix sells them in the ethnic food aisle.
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If we're going to name other candy blogs, I'll throw in ZOMG Candy. Full disclosure: my friend runs it and I sometimes guest post, though I get no remuneration. In fact, I have to pay for my own candy that I review. And I sometimes buy her stuff. Blogging for profit, I'm doing it wrong?

Funny story about the name. I was at the location of a candy artist that I will not name, to save them the embarrassment, and the proprietor said "Our X has even gotten a high rating on a national candy blog...ZOG!" But, seriously, how WOULD you say it?
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I have to sneak into Canada and get some banana Kit Kats. I wonder if Publix sells them in the ethnic food aisle.

It's been my experience that if you ask Publix to special order it for you, that they will. I've ordered Orangina, Hungarian paprika and other odd stuff. Always happy to oblige.
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No reviews of salty licorice???
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Oh, I have had the best candy domain name for FOREVER and still I'm an inexplicable lagger. Too busy eating candy, I guess.
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Worst candy ever is Swedish Fish! It's a sort of salty licorice, the lutefisk of the candy world.
I like Chinese salty licorice, it has lemon and salt and I have not had any in decades. It cures a cough almost as well as a shot of rakija.
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Swedish Fish are awesome!

I used to live near the Ferrara Pan factory, and in summertime (riding my bike to the public pool) I could tell which candy they were making that day. :) It is one of my favorite childhood memories to this day.
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