Girl Walk // All Day
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Girl Walk // All Day (previously), an epic dance video featuring Girl Talk's album All Day (previously) as the soundtrack, is finally premiering at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on 12/8. Don't fret if you can't make it to the free dance party though, because the entire film is being released in 12 parts for free over the next six weeks starting today. Here's part one, School's Out.
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For something located squarely in the 21st century, this is weirdly, wonderfully warm and human.
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I wouldn't have thought 7 minutes of Girl Talk dancing would make me want to see an hour's worth, but that was terrific. The choreography's great, as is the production, and the dancers really capture the silliness of the music without letting the silly overwhelm the obvious talent.
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And Anne Marsen apparently attended my college! UArts represent!
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Oh hey, right! That thing! Nice.
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The ballet class freak out is so awesome.

Damn ballet class was so boring, but somehow we were told that if we wanted to do the cool stuff we had to learn ballet first. It all seems so silly given that I was just a teenager taking the classes for fun.
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Oh man I forgot they were doing this for real. All about the Red Hook love. I think there is a fantastic nursery in the door she comes out of on the pier. And I love the crowd being herded onto the ferry, artfully ignoring her as she jumps around out of her mind.

This thing works as a NYC tourism video as well as anything.
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This is great! It's thanks to the previous post(s) that I know about Girl Talk at all - All Day in particular is fantastic housecleaning music. And riding the bus music. And driving to work music. The Girl is making me laugh like a fool here in my cube. Thanks for this!
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One of Kickstarter's first wave of breakout hits -- I've been looking forward to this for almost nine months!
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Yeah, I first heard about this when it was promoted on Kickstarter's weekly 'Projects We Love' email about, yep, 9 months ago. It indeed was a huge success, in no small part due to the promo they made and the resulting support from KS.

episodic, it definitely will be available in full at some point (there's some text alongside one of those links in the post that explains the reasoning behind releasing the film in these chapters). I'm expecing my DVD in the mail soon!
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I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to the rest. I only recently discovered Girl Talk via, where "This is the Remix" has become one of my go-to reliable crowd-pleasing tracks.
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This is fantastic.
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With a quick Google search Anne Marsen has a rad selection of other highly entertaining dance pieces. Like this one.
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Another one of Anne Marsen's music videos. Charming and fun!
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