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Windows only? Who's the developer, Darksied?
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I feel like it really doesn't work in animation - I've thought about how to animate Kirby dots, and in my mind's eye, they're flickering and moving. It's not for nothing that one of the names for them is "Kirby Krackle"; there's a lot of ENERGY implied by them.

I currently get a lot of Kirby mileage out of these Illustrator brushes, by the way. I modified them a little so they take different colors better, and they've been a very useful tool.
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Scoo - to be fair it was built for Photoshop 6. They're up to, what, 12 now? So this is not likely a very new filter. Wonder if it works on a Mac or not. I didn't try.
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Scoo: "Windows only? Who's the developer, Darksied?"

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<('-'<) not what kirby was expecting
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Still waiting for the Jazzy John Romita filter. I'd wear a pair of special video glasses and feed everything through it.
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On this week's episode of 'Stuff You Knew About But Didn't Know What It Was Called And Then You Found Out It Had A Name All Along'...
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Now somebody needs to get to work on a filter that put's your subject's feet two or three shoulder widths apart.
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Darksied, is that you?

Honestly, I think the only way to make this filter run exactly right is to wear a gigantic metal hat while installing it. It's these small touches that made the Apokolips Marketing Servitude Zone one of the most productive in the Multiverse.
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"We're working on a Mac version."

"© 2007 Octopus Motor"

Now that I now that this free and wonderful thing, that I didn't know existed ten minutes ago, is not available for the Mac, I has a sad.

Curse you, JHarris!
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Many artists are talented, but never develop a distinctive style. Others have only a small portion of talent, but succeed solely because they have a distinctive style. Kirby had both. You read comics from the 60s, like Superman, and it's like, 'Oh, that's cute, a city in a glass bottle, robot duplicates, and a dog with super powers.' Then you read 'New Gods' and your mind ia boggled how something could still seem so fresh 40 years on.

I'm wondering if technology will progress to where 'filters' based on heuristic algorithms will allow people to 'paint' in the styles of various famous artists without even trying. I don't mean like Warhol, but more like Rembrandt.
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Ahem: Darkseid.
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Kirby Krackle is one of my favoritist things ever, so thanks!
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Ahem: Darks**d.

Noooooo! If you spell it correctly, He Notices!

I'm not really supposed to be posting to Metafilter while I am processing the Anti-Life Equation, you know?
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I really hope someone is going to come along and tell me they've reverse-engineered a Mac version. Also, thank you, gern. Now his wrath will be drawn to you and not me, I hope.
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I suppose that It's probably a good thing that there's no Mac version, because I would get no work done today.
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'I' before 'E' except after Omega Beam.
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obiwanwasabi, you made me log in just to fav that, I hope you're happy.
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