Assorted Street Posters
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This collection of street posters, mad scribblings, political screeds, religious rants, and paranoid raves was collected on the streets of New York City from 1985 to the present. Some time ago, it occurred to me that the streets are as full of art as, say, thrift shops are full of great paintings. So, inspired by Jim Shaw's collection Thrift Shop Paintings, Adolf Wölfli's visionary scrawls, and outsider music, I began carrying a portable razor with me whilst out on casual strolls. What began as a hobby has remained an obsession and this obsession is brought to you in living color here on UbuWeb. Keep checking back as this page is constantly updated. I have hundreds of examples to share with you, as as time permits, they'll all eventually appear here. -- Kenneth Goldsmith, Assorted Street Posters
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Lost Dog
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Oh I have some great local ones to submit. Long rants from a guy accusing all women of "lookism"...
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OMG this is for my event. Intern got a ticket for postering, case was dismissed. Cortex was the inspiration.

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Ladies of Williamsburg BEWARE!!!
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Oh, MSI. I still recall seeing them live (well, being in one half of the club while they performed in the other). They maintain a place in my memory as 'the worst show I have ever witnessed'. Just garbage, through and through. It was at Capital Ballroom back in the day, the club had several hundred people in attendance that night, and literally NO ONE was in the half of the building they were playing in. Their GIRLFRIENDS wouldn't even stay in the room, the band sucked so bad. It was almost impressive. I think GG Allin would have booed those guys as unlistenable.
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Oh Dustone <3
He has the uncanny ability to saywhat we're all thinking.
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"...I began carrying a portable razor with me whilst out on casual strolls. "

So that's who stole all my amazing art right off the street.
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Apology, you will always be New York to me. Previously.
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***WARNING: Shameless pointing at myself saying LOOKLOOKLOOK alert.***

I have been doing a continuous series of posters based on found writing like this for about 4 years. It comes and goes, but never bores me.

Here is a link here from a Pecha Kucha talk I did about them.

It's rare I hear stuff like this getting any real attention, thank you.
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I'm calling shenanigans!
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wonderful collection, and if you like podcasts, don't fail to download the rants of Francis E. Dec, read by professional radio DJ 'Doc on the ROQ'.
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Mr Staples, good talk and nice work. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter
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Explain this one.
posted by Listener at 9:32 AM on December 3, 2011

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