And then the robot overlords came and stomped on it all.
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A paper-craft history of the world. [SLVimeo]

The stop-motion short is the official video for Ontario-based indie band Kalle Mattson's 'Thick as Thieves', off their Anchors album, available to stream free on their website.

The video was animated by Kevin Parry, Carla Veldman and Andrew Wilson, with Andrea Nesbitt providing live action. Parry has a blog chronicling the process of the animation.
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This was excellent - thank you. I was really interested/impressed by the mixture of traditional animation elements with the stop-motion.

Different kinds of animation bring their own qualities. I was watching trailers at a movie today, and I'm very excited because the next year is bringing three animation films all from the best studios in those forms - The Borrowers (Studio Ghibli - traditional), Brave (Pixar - computer animation) and Paranorman (Laika, my new favourite animation studio for their stop-motion puppet work in Coraline).
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That was super.

I particularly like that the robot at the end was clearly baking cookies or something.
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Did I see the crystaline entitiy from ST, TNG just after the moon landing?
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That was really fun. Though I was going to comment on how US-centric the last few centuries of "world history" was — and they're Canadian!
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yes, it's funny how even Canadian people will automatically think of the US civil war for the mid-19th century, rather than the Crimean War or the far more devastating Taiping Rebellion. And was the early 19th century duel supposed to be those two politicians? I can't even remember their names.
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