Beyond Digital: bringing some of Morocco's off-line culture to the online world at large
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Beyond Digital is a collaborative project between eight members who have come together to explore the culture and music of Morocco, which is often poorly represented online to the world at large, thus "beyond digital." The team put together a 9 minute "behind-the-scenes" look at their work, or you skip the preview and jump into their YouTube channel, articles on The Fader, and more on their website. Highlights: a collection of Moroccan percussion loops, a photo essay on Morocco's changing culture, and a collaboration between Moroccan musician Hassan Wargui (Imanaren) and Nettle, a "band project" by DJ/rupture.

The core Beyond Digital team consists of eight people from around the world, including DJ/producers Stephen Bowen Anderson Jr. aka Maga Bo (Discogs), and Jace Clayton aka DJ/Rupture (Discogs), photographer John Francis Peters, independent filmmaker Juan Alcón Durán, and freelance journalist Maggie Schmitt (pieces for The Atlantic, 3 short videos on Vimeo).

DJ/rupture, previously:
* Before Auto-Tune, we had no melodious screams. (May 2, 2009)
* Heeeeeeeeere's Jacey (October 11, 2009)
* Monthly Mix MP3s (June 20, 2005) -- dead links, though the DJ/rupture mix can be found elsewhere
* The Dark Continent (November 17, 2005)
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This is awesome -- I've been fascinated with the (tiny, outdated) glimpses of Moroccan culture I've gleaned over the years from the work of Bowles, Burroughs, and ZBS, and was already a fan of DJ/Rupture's awesome show on WFMU. Thanks FLT!
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What a great post about a great project - thanks for compiling all of those links. I'd just offer one more - DJ /rupture spoke a bit about the Moroccan project at my conference earlier this year. Here's the video. (Jump to 16:30 if you want to get right to Morocco, though the whole video is worth watching, imho.)
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