Suddenly, eight years later
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Here is the hilarious comics and popular culture blog Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin, which just turned eight years old!  Features include The End of Civilization, where he riffs on the embarassing pictures in the Diamond Previews catalog, Sluggo Saturdays, which is just what it sounds like, and he's also kind of a fan of Swamp Thing.

The archives of this site are golden -- the site rarely has a miss. Each anniversary the site recounts the best posts of the bygone year, a good way to find gems from the archives. And while there, don't forget to appease the gods by gazing into the inscrutible, insane eyes of that peanut-shaped inflatable idol, MONKEY DOODLE. And enjoy sexy Tron Minnie Mouse.
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Oh, and have some selected Sluggo:
Horns - Vertebrae - Squirrel - Weird - Next Page - Gender - Camping - Hypertext
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Aw, I love that Mike's getting some recognition. We used to be on the same BBS back in the early '90s, and I later got him a freelance job writing articles for my family's music magazine. Great writer. (If you're ever in Ventura, California, go drop by Ralph's Comic Corner and say hi.)
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From p414 of the "End of Civilization" link:

“…Includes over 3 and a half hours of new material, including [...] Grant teaching viewers how to summon the News Gods at home.”
Presumably that’s a typo, and they meant “New Gods,” unless Grant’s actually presenting his elaborate masturbation-magick ritual to summon the spirit of Walter Cronkite, and I’m not sure the world is quite ready for that.

Is it so wrong of me that I would totally pay money to have Grant Morrison teach me this? Because, despite what the world may think, I am ready for exactly that!
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Mike and I have been internet buddies for a number of years, and while I am not a regular reader of PR, I do stop in on occasion. He is one funny dude.
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This is one of those posts I understand less after clicking through.
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Features include The End of Civilization My Productive Work Day.
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I had no idea there existed this absurdly rich amount of amusingly horrible products out there. Future archeologists: Kiss Mr. Potato Head laughs at your feeble attempts of understanding our times.
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Links lead to Fake Pew Research
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I owe The Mikester a great debt. For he introduced me to Comics' Greatest Treasure.

No, not "love." Better.


And I too can vouch that Mr. Sterling is indeed a mensch. In the funnybook interwebs, that's all too rare.
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Mike's a pretty, pretty decent guy. Pretty decent.
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The Sluggo Saturday is great... but does it have The Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn? I'm not one for humorous tattoos, but I'd consider getting that panel done as it is philosophical, nearly downright MYSTICAL.
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The Sluggo Saturday is great... but does it have The Greatest Nancy Panel Ever Drawn?

It does.

Mike Sterling is a gift to humanity, which is odd because he will one day destroy them all, the fools.
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As a weekly visitor to Ralph's Comic Corner I can most definitely say Mike is a cool guy.
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I had no idea so many MeFites knew him personally. All I know is that he's been in my feed reader for years, and has always been entertaining and informative.
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Legomancer's link leads indirectly to the page on Scott McCloud's website in which he explains how to play Five Card Nancy, which I suddenly want to try.
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