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The 2011 Portfolio (slyt.) Clips from 166 of this year's films, combined into one video trailer. How many can you name? (Via)
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Here's the full list of included clips.

What to do with the extra title sequences? Insert Title Here.

The creator, YouTube user hatinhand, has done other similar compilation videos, including:

* The Pixar Portfolio
* Specialis Revelio
* The Nolan Portfolio
* The Aronofsky Portfolio
* Spoiler Alert (Previously on MeFi)
* Powerrrrrr!
* Shadow and Substance
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Some of these films haven't opened yet, at least in my neck of the woods.

It's been a heck of a year for Ryan Gosling, though.
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Wow, almost as many stars as a Robert Altman movie! I recognize many of these movies, but can actually name very few of them.
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Is the one I saw in there?
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Does anyone know what the clown slitting the guy's throat is from? Or the scruffy bloke screaming, looks like he's lying back with planks behind him?
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Can't wait to see this movie!
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It's been a heck of a year for Ryan Gosling, though.

I have to say I was pretty "meh" about Ides of March though.
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Interesting, thank-you. Watching all those films spliced together like that does draw one's attention to the painterly side of film. Despite the supposedly visual nature of cinema, a lot of the time my experience of watching a film is driven as much by the soundtrack and the plot as it is by the visuals. Taking all those visual moments out and putting them side by side creates a very interesting effect. Among other things, it has slightly shifted my opinion of Christopher Nolan - I think his films are possibly stronger in terms of visual 'moments' than I was giving them credit for...
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