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Ultra Swank - Retro Living and Design from the 50s, 60s and 70s.
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See also: Eurobad '74
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That Eurobad claims to be Europe's worst interiors, but every time I see it I am reminded of how much I like some of them. At least in the first couple pages of the ultra swank site I didn't see anything quite as vigorous, more mid-century lite. Pretty, but not as exuberant.
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I grew up in the 60's and 70's and my parents were all about teak and Danish Modern and clean wide open space and flat surfaces. The neighourhood I now live in is filled with vintage shops carrying all manner of the this kind of furniture. It's funny to walk into these stores with my mom and say "Hey, there's your old bedside table. And there's our serving dish. And didn't the Andersons have that ashtray? And look over there...."
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Love, love, love Eurobad '74.

I wonder if there any rooms like that left and in good repair, rather than just dusty and dilapidated with a shut-in's skeleton on the floor.
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For heaven's sake - should have read the group's 'about' section more carefully. Ran into it on Flickr little while back: The Ultraswank Photo Group.
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It's not quite swank (except maybe the helmet) but it is retro future - computer criminals.
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So, is this the horse's house? Or is the horse like a house pet?
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it's a horses' house; we just live in it
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