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Try one of over 600 courses available through the Open University's Learning Space. Get to know the meaning behind the making of kente cloth of Ghana or learn the mathematical modelling involved in analysing skid marks. Lose yourself in art and design or simply learn a new old language. All you need is a device with a browser and internet access. Bonus: OU on the BBC's Frozen Planet series
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analysing skid marks

As in whether the perpetrator's most recent meal was from Taco Bell, I presume?
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Thanks for this infini. (the link to the analysing skid marks doesn't lead to any free course materials?)
posted by storybored at 8:55 AM on December 10, 2011

storybored, are you able to see the linked blue text like so in the page linked to for analysing skid marks

Click 'View document' to open the workbook (PDF, 0.2 MB).
View document

Click 'View document' to open the answerbook (PDF, 0.1 MB).
View document
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analysing skid marks [...] Faint of Butt

why can't we flag things as eponysterical?
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infini, thanks for that. When i click on your link it takes me to a dialog page which says:

"Join us!

Click Yes below if you want to add the unit Analysing skid marks to your list..."

I clicked no assuming it would let me browse the materials, but it looks like you have to click yes.
posted by storybored at 11:39 AM on December 10, 2011

If I could redirect my internet procrastination to sites like this, I'd be the smartest person in the world in like a month.
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storybored, that didn't happen for me as I stumbled straight into the kente cloth videos, hm - could be a browser version situation perhaps?
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Um, Beginners Welsh? Oes, os gwelwch yn dda.

(No idea if that Google Translate phrase accurately says what I meant. But I might soon.)
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