Dance of the Glass Plum Fairy
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Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy played on a glass harp. [SLYT]
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That was pretty. That was neat. That was pretty neat.
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I would listen again.... This is EXACTLY the instrument this piece needs to be played on.
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Impressive! I didn't realize you could get such staccato sounds out of a glass harp - I've always heard more sustained notes. (Although some of the fast glissandos required them to slow down since the glasses are quite far apart compared to the keys/strings on conventional instruments.)

I'm constantly amazed by the human compulsion to create music. It seems like there should be a Rule 34 for musical instruments - if something exists, somebody somewhere has figured out how to make music on it. Old oil drums, computer peripherals, wine glasses, even bike parts (for more Sugar Plum Fairy goodness!) As a species, we have a lot to be ashamed of but I like to think music is our saving grace.
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That is just achingly beautiful. Thanks.
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That was beautiful. You guys make me look like a genius on FB.
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@double block and bleed: QFT. :) :)
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Surprisingly amazingly good - thanks.

This instrument really needs not to be called a "glass harp". I was expecting a harp made of glass. Also, the timbre is essentially a bowed sound which makes the harp moniker seem even more inappropriate. Not sure I can think of a better name, though.
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Hydrodaktulopsychicharmonica is a better name.
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Mrs. underflow pointed out the similarity to the glass armonica (YouTube).
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Wow. Yes, very impressive – seconding Quietgal, I was surprised at how they were able to "articulate" on glasses.

The dynamics also showed their expertise – "Sugar Plum Fairy" is a rather simple piece, but they managed the dynamics so well, both as a duo and on beverage containers(!), that their musicianship is clear. When I first saw the glasses, I expected a monotone performance with a single type of articulation... instead we're treated to a piece with true expressiveness. Thanks for posting!
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Splendid. The tempo got just a little deliberate a couple of times, otherwise a perfect realisation. I'm sure Tchaikovsky would have loved it.
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Almost as good as Hugh Hefner's rendition of Peter and the Wolf.
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I was not expecting it to be anywhere near as good as that. Thanks!
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I just noticed the url on the bottom of the video... more goodies here in case you (as I did, being mesmerized by the performance) missed it.
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Where did they get such an awesome set of matching glasses?
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Their version of the famous Bach Toccata and Fugue is totally awesome ...
posted by woodblock100 at 6:23 AM on December 11, 2011

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