The Bourne Ultimatum with Unicorns
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Carl Erik Rinsch‘s futuristic action thriller short The Gift. Other movies by Big Lazy Robot Studio. The Commercials of Carl Erik Rinsch. Also: The Hunt of the Unicorn.
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Thanks for this, growabrain! You've made the post I've been pondering for days. I would strongly recommend readers check out BLR's meta-trailer k3loid too.
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Sorry about that, Bora. I hate it when it happens to me.
The Gift is from last year, and won 2 Lions @ Cannes.
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I no understand The Gift. Some xplain?
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@Joe: I think it is a retelling (of sorts) of The Hunt of the Unicorn (the OP's last link). Wikipedia link.
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Graphics are incredible. Atmosphere owed alot to half-life, but that's not a bad thing.
posted by uni verse at 9:24 PM on December 10, 2011 most medieval art, an allegory of the life of Christ. You can kind of get the whole story there with son of god, apostles, devil, Romans, crucifixion, rebirth, etc
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"The Gift" was one of the entries in the Philips Cinema sessions, [discussed previously]; the Company had recruited filmmakers into producing independent projects (Jun and the Hidden Skies, El Secreto de Mateo, The Hunt and the Blade Runneresque Dark Room) which incorporated the same lines of dialogue as a connecting theme.
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