A Short Film In a Redwood Forest
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Growing Is Forever they whispered.
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Wow. That's almost eerie, but not. I don't know what the word I want to use is. A pleasant kind of eerie. I feel almost ephemeral.
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In stands of redwoods and sequoias it's hard to shake the feeling that the trees have a sort of presence.
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Patrick's Point State Park is just north of Trinidad. There the giant trees meet the ocean, and vice versa.
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Yeah, Burhanistan, it's especially strong when it's foggy. There is just something about redwood groves in the fog that's like nothing else on earth. A sense of presence is one way to describe it... it's so quiet.

For those of who you haven't seen redwoods, take the time to do so. The drive from Navarro to Fort Bragg, in California, is the best single exposure I can think of, though of course there are many others. It's one of the most beautiful drives anywhere, and it has two completely different characters... foggy, and sunny. If you're lucky enough that the weather allows, try to catch it both ways.
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I must confess that her voice-over annoyed me initially, and then insidiously...almost as if I was being hypnotized by the imagery...it became a sound I wanted/needed to hear.

When the video ended it felt too quiet in my suburban living room...and that is *rarely* the case here in noise-polluted central Japan.

goddamn, I miss the foggy walks through those northern California redwoods.
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sorry all - this totally lost me at "and they stretched out their root fingers."
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sorry all - this totally lost me at "and they stretched out their root fingers."

Me too! Much better with the sound turned off.
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Damn I feel homesick. I went to college at a glorified hippie commune in the middle of 1000 beautiful acres of 60 year old Pacific Northwest rainforest. The difference between taking a deep breath of real air there and what little is possible in Ohio is depressing.
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Beautiful photography and trees, of course, but the narrative was just the combo of voice and writing that was...undergraduate? for lack of a better term.
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Surely there's a word for feelings of longing for something one has never known. That is how I feel about the redwoods and sequoias. I have left it too late, however, as I won't be flying to California anymore, so I do thank you for this little video. It's lovely.
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This was neat. It reminded me of my backyard (I live in the santa Cruz mountains).
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