It's all in the hand movements
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oh my goodness! baby rapper was so cute! he really does understand the cadence. his dad and brother obviously think he is so awesome if their smiles are anything to go off of. it is just so dear!
posted by sio42 at 9:28 AM on December 12, 2011

Khaliyl was indeed cute! It's almost as cute as when Kanye does it for reference tracks.
posted by cashman at 9:32 AM on December 12, 2011

I think my own reaction is interesting. I avoided watching "baby preacher" because I thought it might be a video I had already seen, and I knew it was going to creep me out in the biggest way. Baby worshipper I had not seen, and yes, it creeped me out - an extreme visceral reaction, and sadness.

Baby rapper was awesome, and hilarious, and cute and heartwarming.

Full disclosure: I grew up in a church going family. Went to a Baptist church in high school. The evangelicals frighten me. I don't think I will ever shed my distrust and fear of them.
posted by Xoebe at 9:34 AM on December 12, 2011

Wow that worshipper baby is disturbing. A baby with dead eyes.
posted by cmoj at 9:50 AM on December 12, 2011

I must add Brazilian baby dancer:
posted by Neekee at 9:54 AM on December 12, 2011 [3 favorites]

This is the perfect time to exercise your latent future-reading gland; watch the baby preacher video and you will easily see the most God-hating atheist what ever burned a bible and punched his Dad in the face. Give it less than twenty years.
posted by rahnefan at 9:56 AM on December 12, 2011 [1 favorite]

Baby worshipper.....

I was eating, now I feel sick. What the hell. That almost looks CG, it's that unbelievable looking.
posted by Malice at 10:09 AM on December 12, 2011 [1 favorite]

You guys shouldn't be so hard on baby worshipper, she's come a long way.
posted by orme at 10:17 AM on December 12, 2011 [4 favorites]

You call that child worship?
posted by The 10th Regiment of Foot at 10:19 AM on December 12, 2011

Yes, a great addition to the evidence that babies learn how to be adults from the people they hang out with and the experiences they have. Babies who have rapper parents but who never see rap in action will likely not be rapping their first sounds. Kids who never go to church and don't see church type stuff on the teevee will not sway and make those facial expressions when you bring them into a church....etc.

There is nothing disturbing about this to me. It's how our everyday behaviors come to seem "natural." We begin practicing them, and getting positive feedback makes those behaviors even more likely to stick. (and trust me, for most toddlers, being video taped is huge huge positive reinforcement.)
posted by bilabial at 2:04 PM on December 12, 2011

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