The Politics of Central Asia
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The Politics of Central Asia "The US will be under pressure to pitch its tent in Russia's back yard and help to clean the place up."
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That would require, first and foremost, willingness on the part of the west to engage and invest. It would also require the US to encourage reform and modernisation in central Asia - and not to pursue an illusion of stability by conspiring with the despots in place, as Russia has done.

and conspiring with the despots in place as the US has done as well. I like the sound of encouraging reform and modernisation....i really do. Hard to be an optimist though.
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um, i thought this william f. buckley rumination on false gods was kind of interesting in the "reform and modernisation" tangent...

Here is a strategic suggestion from the Western high command. Declare in full voice that Islam is widely profaned and mistaught.
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