Eduardo Barreto 1954 – December 15, 2011
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Comic book artist Eduardo Barreto, best known for his work on such DC titles as New Teen Titans and various Superman projects, not to mention his work on the Judge Parker newspaper strip, has died at the age of 57.

He suffered from menigitis, which is why he had retired from Judge Parker last year. More information and some samples of his work can be found at Lambiek.
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I was one of the (very few, alas) fans of the Atari Force series, and I remember his work on it, including a lot of the strange creatures he'd come up with.

I remember his Titans, and his fascinating work on the "Lex Luthor" one-shot.

Gonna miss his work.
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I'm not familiar with his DC work, but I loved what he did with Judge Parker.
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I've been a fan of comics all my life (more the newspaper variety than the superhero/comic book variety), but the only fan letter I've ever sent was in appreciation of his work on Judge Freaking Parker, of all things. Barreto made the comics page look glorious again, even with the absurd constraints he had to work within. Thanks for that.
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(That didn't look as much like a flying Superman as I thought it'd turn out to be.)
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I'm another fan who discovered Barreto in the Titans book and continued to appreciate his work over the rest of his career.

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