Breathing life back into games
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Good list, especially the top two. I forgot all the mental acrobatics I had to do with SpaceChem this year. It's just as fun to play as it is to see solutions by other players on YouTube.

Except S:S&S, which was 100% style with 0% game play that seemed to blind everyone with its prettiness. I was really disappointed when I finally got a chance to play it. Just not my thing.
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Frozen Synapse is just such a beautiful game I wish I played it more often. There are rumors of it dropping on iOS though, so that might re-spark my interest. Although then I'll probably be tempted to buy an iPad just because a futuristic tablet-computer seems to be the perfect thing to play the game on; aesthetically, at least.
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Good lord all those Humble Bundles paid off. I mean, I've gotten hours of amusement out of my purchases (and turned my son on to some cool stuff to with gift bundles), but wow. I know what I'm doing this weekend.
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I'm still angry that the one Humble Bundle I missed was the Voxatron bundle (which contained The Binding of Isaac).
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I have to work today.
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awesome, meh, pretty fun, slick as hell and fun to play, awesome ^ 2, didn't play, should have been more awesome than it was, fun but not fun, cute but fluff, best damn puzzle game ever (with mustachium!)
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I can't say enough about how awesome SpaceChem is. If you haven't played it, you owe it to yourself to get a hold of a copy and try it. It pretends to be about chemistry but is in fact about programming and learning to revisualize problems and it might be the best puzzle game of all time.
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Not to mention in SpaceChem's later levels when you finally solve a really complicated puzzle it just feels so good, and then you see how someone did it in 1/4 the time or with half as many components and you just have to figure out how in the hell did they do that?

It's an amazing game, and well deserving in its top slot.
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Okay, I'm sold on SpaceChem. Downloading the demo now. My video-gaming passions from my youth have survived vicariously off my now adult sons for the last couple of decades, but this sounds irresistible.
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stevejohnston, please come back after playing the game a bit. I'd love to hear what you end up thinking of it.
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SpaceChem is GOTY without a doubt.
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Bastion is the only one of those I've played. Very cool game.
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Jamestown is a really fun schmup for 3-4 people.
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Like feeling inordinately proud of myself for figuring out the acetylene problem. Now on to ammonia.
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yeah, that's from way before 2011, sorry
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Bitchin' post, very well done. Thanks.
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I'm surprised about all the love for SpaceChem. I've been drawn to almost all the other games on this list, played most of them and own some of the others -- it's been a great year!

SpaceChem always looked kinda uninspired to me. I mean, if you tell me a puzzler is hard and relatively pure, I might admire that, but it doesn't produce that MUST DOWNLOAD brain scratch I get from looking at e.g. Jamestown (which I bought but have not played).

But I will look into it!
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didn't really mean "uninspired" -- more "uninspiring." but the point is I'm happy to be wrong!
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