Mr Jobs comes to Lund
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In 1985, Apple started the "Apple University Consortium Europe" collaboration program, and one of the first universities to enroll was that of Lund, Sweden. To celebrate the collaboration, Apple CEO Steve Jobs came to Lund - and a 16 minute film of his visit has now been found and been made available by the University of Lund. You can see the clip here (.mov).
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(The ceremony itself, as depicted in the film, does however not take place at the university, but at the castle of Svaneholm in the nearby town of Skurup.)
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(Oh, and the dude speaking after Steve Jobs is the then principal of the University of Lund, HÃ¥kan Westling.)
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I wonder how close this was to that fateful day of May 24, 1985. That info would give this clip even more contextual interestingness. :)
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This is on or after June of 1985 then. Very interesting!
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I can never read the word Lund without giggling.
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