that pile of books looks like something I recognize
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From architect/designer Luis Urculo, a short film in which iconic buildings are modeled with everyday objects: Covers (vimeo)

His blog.
Other works by Luis Urcolo (flash-intensive).
An interview in Bolbo Design.
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I enjoyed this, I didn't really know what some of the things were supposed to look like so I wound up clicking around a bunch. This website seems to be an easier less flash-ugly way of looking at some of this stuff.
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That was really cool. It's kind of neat to think of the process of coming up with these things. You take the structure, reverse engineer int in your mind to its basic shapes, and then go to the thrift store to find analogues of those shapes.
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After spending most of the last three days studying for a 20th Century Architecture final, I enjoyed this. I was able to guess maybe 2/3 of the buildings before the reveal.

The third I missed were the SANAA and MVRDV works, which is not surprising because my feeling towards those firms ranges from passive dislike to active hatred, depending on the piece. So.
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This tickles my newfound interest for still-life, and I will now commence doing clicity ambient soundscapes. Thanks!

I'll send this off to my co-workers at arch-uni and see how many they get.
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