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"What do reindeer, Christmas trees, eggnog and Hanukkah have in common? They’re all part of what our elected representatives have been saying around the holidays. Things get even crazier when their quotes are taken out of context and made into crafty, bizarre and occasionally touching holiday e-cards."
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Metafilter: kids moving through the darkness.
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....I somehow get the idea that these are not complete quotes, but rather a word plucked here, a word plucked there, to assemble something completely different. Somehow that feels like cheating.
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Well, the egg nog quote is not a perfect quote (at least according to C-Span) but it is NOT cut and paste.
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Circus called off due to lack of clowns
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Santa is the 1%?
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Are these ransom notes?
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Santa is the 1%?

Are you kidding? Santa flies around, rewarding children based on "niceness" rather than birth, address, or even GPA! He is a scofflaw who crossed international boundaries at will, ignoring legally-developed tariffs and taxes, routinely ignores property rights by entering homes, uses entirely renewable fuel in his high-speed flying, and the elves are both unionized and productive, giving lie to the union-busting rhetoric of people like Scott Walker, who know that all they have to look forward to on the morning of the 25th is non-petrochemical coal substitute and a gnawing sense of guilt....
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Did Rep. Mark Kennedy seriously quote Yoda, at some length, in Congress?
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@EmpressCallipygos These comments are from the congressional record, verbatim -
The contents of the Congressional Record are downloaded daily from the website of the Government Printing Office. The GPO distributes the Congressional Record in ZIP files containing the contents of the record in plain-text format.
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These comments are from the congressional record, verbatim...

Fair enough. The "single-word-ripped-out" format is making it appear otherwise, perhaps, which may lead to some unfortunate assumptions.
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