LaeCharles and DJDave
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Regift It, Secret Santa, and Grinchin are three holiday raps from LaeCharles aka Lovey Love The Plus Size Playa
via Berkeley Enough from DJDave of Whole Foods Parking Lot [previously, Berkeley Remix, see also: Yoga Girl]
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Regift it was bad but half way funny. It was better realizing he'd gotten all his coworkers to help him with the video than the video was actually any good (or the rapping). Chubb Rock he's not, but he does seem to have cornered the market on really bad looking gifts. The videos are from 2010, 2008 and 2006 - I would have bet he's cringing at how bad they are now but then I saw the latest one and he hasn't gotten much better.
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I used to work with Lae. He's amazing! Killer tracks on his Soundcloud, too. Thanks for the post!
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