Way to go, Ronjohn.
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Congrats, Peer Fish. And you too, Covington Stanwick. Inside Lacrosse announces the 2012 All-Name Lacrosse Men's and Women's teams.

Inside Lacrosse puts its credibility on the line by snubbing Penn State sophomore, Tom LaCrosse.
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If your name was Ronjohn Dadd, do you think you'd make your son a junior?
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Semi-related: when I first started playing lacrosse, like every kid who is incredibly passionate about Some New Thing for ten minutes, I started watching indoor lacrosse on those high-number channel regional sports networks they used to beg you to take. I fell asleep in front of the first game I watched and came to in the middle of play trying to figure out what the hell move or technique a "Red Arrow" was, given I'd never heard of it after my extensive 3 weeks of practice.

It took me two quarters to figure out lacrosse was popular among Native Americans.
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Oh, wait. Ronjohn Dadd is a junior. It's not Ronjohn Dadd, Jr.

I bet Ronjohn names his kid Tom. (Or possibly Caldwell, Sether or Baxter.)
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I bet Ronjohn names his kid Tom.

I'll bet a year's club dues that he goes with RJ III.
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RJ III known as Trey

Also a very good friend of mines little brother was on the 2000-2010 All-Decade Name Team.
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This is fantastic. Thank you.
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Also, Raleigh Cavey is the name of my next fantasy football team.
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It's funny because it's white people.
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It's good to know rich white people still have a sport they can call their own (besides Polo, anyway).
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actually one of the things I find interesting is the large proportion of people on this list whose colleges and high schools read pretty middle class despite the uber pretentious names.

I mean you sort of have to know how to decode things, but a kid who went public school and then Wagner as a FOGO is probably not some super rich white kid

(of course when you go St. Lawrence and have the same last name as a political dynasty. well yeah. I can also make a few assumptions about you)
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