Shufflin' Grandpa is Shufflin' Everyday
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Shufflin' Grandpas are polka dancers redubbed.
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Charles Manson, shufflin':
posted by TrixieBiltmore at 9:36 AM on December 21, 2011

posted by EvaDestruction at 9:50 AM on December 21, 2011

I like the original dancing gramps better...

<3 anything with Ievan's Polkka.
posted by Potomac Avenue at 9:50 AM on December 21, 2011

Justin Bieber shufflin'.
posted by swift at 9:53 AM on December 21, 2011

Cloggers. Not polka dancers. There is a string band in the background.
posted by TheWhiteSkull at 9:54 AM on December 21, 2011 [2 favorites]

I thought it was going to be this shufflin' grandpa, but it turned out to be even better.
posted by usonian at 10:24 AM on December 21, 2011

Whatever the style, they need to be giving lessons to these choreographically challenged Grannies.
posted by madamjujujive at 10:33 AM on December 21, 2011

Manson - he's struttin dat ass... struttin dat ass...

Also, as I posted on the boingboing thread on this. That sound was much better when it was Boys Noize - Jeffer, removed all that shitty pop Black Eyed Peas Mozeltov Singing shit.

BONUS: Odenkirk does the best Manson impersonation
posted by symbioid at 10:45 AM on December 21, 2011

He's clearly doing the Melbourne Shuffle.

I'm watching this on repeat to help me wake up...
posted by Joe Chip at 10:49 AM on December 21, 2011

Back in my day I was shufflin'...
posted by rusty at 11:59 AM on December 21, 2011

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