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Bookdedications is a collection of gift inscriptions found in used books. Some background from the blog's author.
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A Book of Surrealist Games by Alastair Brotchie
For Ted

my period is 3 days late

x o.d.
Well, that's one way of telling it. Also, do I sense a relationship with ... challenges?
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I love the woman who gave her husband a copy of Death on the Nile for their anniversary! Hmmmmmmmmm.
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Gift inscriptions always make me feel sad, especially when they are really personal.
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Very neat. Previously on this theme.
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[Inside Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell]



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This is better1 than I thought it was.

1. More entertaining.
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i'm always trying to come up with really clever sentimental inscriptions. but they usually come off sounding like uncle buck.
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My next inscription:



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I have to confess, before donating books to charity I've cut out the fly leaves when they have gift messages to me. They always make the book feel like too personal a thing to give away and put in the hands of strangers. Now that somebody is posting these things to the Internet, I have a second reason.
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I found a really crappy abstract painting at a thrift store and the back has a great note:

Dear Dan,

This is my 'I'm sorry I hurt your feelings' gift. I hope, someday, you can find it in your heart to forgive me. This painting symbolizes my regret and deception.

All my love,

I went to Europe for you.
I hope you understand.

"You" is underlined twice. The painting is really hideous; it's my favorite piece of art.

If you are either Hannah or Dan, let me know, I'm really curious...
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I loathe my childhood and all that remains of it......” Words by Jean–Paul Sartre.
For mummy –
may you read it all – clearly and without prejudice – right to the end!
Lots of love
Hetty xxx

I do hope she feels better now.
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Looking at the relationship ones, I realized that I've inscribed books for ex-girlfriends, but IIRC, never one for my wife.
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It is a very strange experience to order a used book by mail, like e. g. A. Alvarez, The Savage God, a Study of Suicide, then open it up and it has this maudlin personal dedication on the flyleaf page. That is the weirdest, but nowhere near the only one.

I have a copy of Henry Rollins Eye Scream that I bought used for three bucks by mail from Powell's and the sucker was signed by Henry Rollins. They did not advertise this. The clerk who filled the order wrote on the invoice "oh cool! it's signed!"
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Although most of the flyleaf inscriptions in my collection are of the uninteresting variety, I definitely cracked up when I found the following Victorian doggerel inscribed on a separate leaf in a bound collection of Catholic Emancipation tracts (of all places):

Ah! truth thou'rt a nominal thing

Thy footsteps on earth are unknown

Thy semblance has nought but a sling

Thy light unto darkness is grown

The logic contain'd in this book

Is such as in Bedlam we find

T'is faulty wherever we look

And shows a distempered mind

The last line appears to be borrowed from John Gill's Bible commentary.
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