Touched by a Wild Mountain Gorilla
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"An amazing chance encounter with a troop of wild mountain gorillas near Bwindi National Park, Uganda."
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Another (previous) gorilla encounter.
posted by ericb at 11:54 AM on December 21, 2011

My favorite gorilla video making the rounds.
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Ooh, that deep-dark red earth, I'll never forget it. This is beautiful. Thanks, ericb.
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That dad gorilla is awesome. I've done exactly what he's doing on a million walks.

1) OK, we can stop and look at this thing.
2) *touch child lightly* Let's move on?
3) *sits down for the long haul*
4) *finally gets up and moves on to drag children in wake*
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Was there a gorilla in that video? I must have missed it because I was too busy counting the number of times the white team passed the ball.
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Obviously not one of us, but obviously something more than a mere animal... and I'm sure they were thinking the same thing. Wow.
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that was amazing
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what Stonestock Relentless said.
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Wow, just wow. I bet that guy was doing everything possible to not pee himself and laugh from euphoria at the same time. Amazing animals like this trigger some weird emotion in me that had tears streaming down my face as I watched those kid gorillas groom and pet the guy.
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I wonder if they would get annoyed if they kept grooming him and he didn't groom back.
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I was thinking along those lines, Empath, but more towards whether or not he was 'allowed' to move within sight of the Silverback once the kids/female had accepted him.
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Oh man, I am going there later this year and this makes me really excited. Any advice from anyone that has done gorilla trekking in Uganda?
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wow - that reunion one was super touching...
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Hmmm... there's a lot to take in in that video. Add humans to the list of Earth apes we need to study Zorlag.
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Go see them now. Your grandkids probably won't have the opportunity.

Estimated number of wild mountain gorillas (which don't reproduce in captivity): under 700

Minimum number of mountain gorillas needed to keep the species viable for 40 generations, with 99% probability: 11,919 mature adults
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I've gotten almost this close with wild dolphins, and it is, indeed, euphoric. Also scary as shit, since it's completely clear at every second that they could kill you if they chose to.
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I love his last comments. "I'm a gorrilla. I am a gorilla."

I don't know what he paid for that vacation, but it was worth every penny.
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I was wondering too, Empath, but I think he'd be expected to groom the Silverback, which... I certainly wouldn't try. I was wondering about it when the camera man sputtered something like, "Your black jacket... and your hair." Maybe he was a rogue silverback to them who, being overtly submissive, was tolerated by the Big Guy, but still above them women and children, who groomed him out of respect.

At least that's my uber-amateur understanding of grooming behavior.
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Did he pee his pants? I was thinking 'if that were me, I'd be peeing my pants' and then I snuck a peek and I think maybe John did as well.
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There is no way in the world I could do that. Knowing that there's a creature climbing on me, whose daddy (who is probably quite capable of ripping my head off my shoulders) is sitting less than a metre away, would have me having hysterics.

Amazing experience.
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This has got to be one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I keep shifting between extreme jealousy and awe. Lucky dude, amazing animals.
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I like how the silverback would stop every now and then and give a look that says, "I know that you know what I can do to you."
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This is absolutely breathtaking. I'm experiencing the aftereffects of true vicarious joy.
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stinkycheese: I'm pretty sure that is a plant between his legs giving an unfortunately looking pattern...
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Yeah, I wondered if that might be going on. He doesn't seem at all nervous. Probably best he couldn't actually see the dad in that situation.
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cool encounter, but cheesy and unnecessary, production value/narration that does nothing but detract.
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Interesting details about the wild mountain gorillas in the park:
"[Bwindi Impenetrable National Park] is inhabited by a population of about 340 individual mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei), known as the Bwindi population, which makes up almost half of all the mountain gorillas in the world. The rest of the worldwide mountain gorilla population is in the nearby Virunga National Park. A 2006 census of the mountain gorilla population in the park showed that its numbers had increased modestly from an estimated 300 individuals in 1997 to 320 individuals in 2002 to 340 individuals in 2006. Disease and habitat loss are the greatest threat to the gorillas. Poaching is also a threat.

Research on the Bwindi population lags behind that of the Virunga National Park population, but some preliminary research on the Bwindi gorilla population has been carried out by Craig Stanford. This research has shown that the Bwindi gorilla's diet is markedly higher in fruit than that of the Virunga population, and that the Bwindi gorillas, even silverbacks, are more likely to climb trees to feed on foliage, fruits, and epiphytes. In some months, Bwindi gorilla diet is very similar to that of Bwindi chimpanzees. It was also found that Bwindi gorillas travel further per day than Virunga gorillas, particularly on days when feeding primarily on fruit than when they are feeding on fibrous foods. Additionally, Bwindi gorillas are much more likely to build their nests in trees, nearly always in Echizogwa, a small understory tree.

Mountain gorillas are an endangered species, with an estimated total population of about 650 individuals. There are no mountain gorillas in captivity. In the 1960s and 1970s, mountain gorillas were captured in order to begin a population of them in captive facilities. No baby gorillas survived in captivity, and no mountain gorillas are known of that are currently in captivity."
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Truly awe inspiring!

"I wonder if they would get annoyed if they kept grooming him and he didn't groom back."

Probably no more than we'd expect a dog to move when we pet them. Like the narrator said, his black shirt and white hair may have marked him as a little more familiar and thus "friendly" than the other humans. The little gorillas wanted to reach out and make contact with the Other, so they did it with the least scary person there. But they knew he wasn't one of them.
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The look of pure, unadulterated joy on John's face at the end is breathtaking.

Thank you.
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I would have thought gorillas would have chosen a different musical track. I guess I have a lot to learn.
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awesome ...
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I'm going throughsome rough times at the moment but this actually made me feel joyful for a few minutes, for the first time in a very long time. Thank you so much for posting this.
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The silverback's body language was amazing. I could practically hear him saying to leave the nice man alone and get on with the walk before he sat down.
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"Okay, come on. Leave the man alone," is exactly what I said in my gorilla voice when the dad steered the little one away.
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WOW. Wow. That was astonishing. Thanks, ericb.
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Great post...what a cool video!
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Was he intentionally averting his eyes at the beginning? I seem to recall hearing that that is standard procedure, to avoid the chance of appearing to be challenging.
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God be with you, ape.
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Paging ChuraChura, our local primatologist currently in Cote D'Ivoire
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I'm no primatologist, but yeah, no eyes and no teeth. Both are considered as a challenge or threat, and obviously that would be a very bad idea. He's lucky the silverback didn't see his big happy grin.
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That was awesome. And the father gorilla was just radiating long-suffering daddyhood all the way through. "Well, at least they're pulling on someone else's hair today."
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